Ideas For Grab: I’m Bond, James Bond

Ideas For Grab are my jotters on ideas that I could not possibly develop into an end product and are put up on the web for anyone to use for anything they’d like to do. And if you’d be kind enough to leave links to what has become of them here, that would be very nice of you.

James Bond Movie

I really don’t think I should go about developing this project because I think I approach it for the wrong reason altogether: I don’t like James Bond. He’s the worst spy of all spies since everyone knows him. If a villain doesn’t recognize him by sight, that guy gotta be new.

But it’s fun! The gadgets, gizmos, nice cars ,and gorgeous, gorgeous girls? That’s every guy’s dream. It’s a fantasy story, really, so I think I’ll be on the wrong to ask for something realistic – we can go to George Smiley for that. I still want the gadgets, gizmos, nice cars, and gorgeous, gorgeous girls to be there.

But here’s how I want it differently:

1. Characterization of James Bond
Honestly, I really don’t know who James Bond is like aside from being the irresistible and promiscuous spies with tons and tons of cool stuffs. He really kick asses for sure, but I never quite get him or why the girls like him. I’ve never seen any back story about him in the films I’ve watched.

I think that needs to be remedied. I want Bond that has a more human side to him than the kick-ass spy.

2. The villain
This is the problem for many Hollywood films. Villains are just bad. Period. I need a more convincing villain. Glorify and humanize him or her,. If you do it right, there will be a reason there for the hero to overtake them without having to make them outright baddies. The Dark Knight had done that beautifully!

3.More brain works along with the crazy stunts
I have a feeling that I saw James Bond being cool more than James Bond being smart. Time to show that side of him. He supposed to have gotten his job because of that, right?

My version of the Bond world

Let’s start with the big picture, what is the world of James Bond.

It used to be the mid-twenty century, but every films updated it which I think is brilliant and for the best. But then, it would seem like Bond is an immortal. He stays in his 40s-50s this entire time.

So I was thinking about James Bond as a code name,which is likely what it has always been anyway. It’s a code for one of the first top nine agents. It does not reflect their relative ranking; if you got to a single-digit code, you’re too good to be ranked.

These nine people differs by characteristics and functions rather than ranking. I would think someone like 001 would be working closely with the British government and specialized in politics while 007 is more of a field agent whose main job is to secretly eliminate great threats to the country. It does not necessary mean he has to kill the bad guys; it just means he has to permanently stop them from being harmful.

Each single-digit agent also has his/her own team, a smallish but self-sufficient back-up capacity, which means 007, aside from being a bad-ass, has to know how to lead.

My story starts with the death of 007 while on a very important mission. His team was left stranded until the HQ assigns another 007 to lead them. They have a feeling that 007’s number 2 in the team should take over since he knows about the mission as much as 007 had, but they are up for a surprise.

The succession of the single-digit agents is only assigned by HQ where they determine, probably a long time before they need to, who has the potentials and qualities to succeed. This allows them time to secretly train the said agent for the job. However, this tragedy has come unexpectedly and the new 007 is not quite ready to work with veteran team like this.

James Bond of thirty-something

What I like about setting the world of Bond this way is that we can have James Bond of any age, even a retired Bond (not that they normally gets to retired, though). For my story of under-prepared succession, my Bond is a thirty-something guy, still young, reckless and rather arrogant. HQ spotted him in his early twenties when he was still in college and known for his unreserved lifestyle and highly efficient problem-solving skill. He was at the top of his class and was known for his very competitive nature; he just has to excel in everything. He was also a soul searching for purpose (in the least religious sense) which was one of the reason he joined the service aside from the promise of an adventurous life.

But joining the service also does him a disservice. He is too smart to begin with and he knows it. He never has a fulfilling relationship with anyone because no one really gets him. This results in him being isolated and distrustful which only gets worst with having a secret life.

What he is afraid most (but never admit to it) is that he might be betrayed. He saw this happened a few times with other agents he had known or worked with which mostly result in death. He, therefore, prefers to go solo and keeps his doing secretive.

This trust issue results badly when he has to start his work with the team. His attitude has already made him infamous among agents, so everyone is not expecting HQ to choose him. But HQ insists on their decision and nothing could be done aside from trying to make it work.

His Number 2

Compared to Bond, Number 2 is twenty years older with at least ten years more experience as field agent. He is responsible for most of the management of the mission and thus is a crucial and trusty agent in the team. When the late 007 died, everyone expected Number 2 to take over given his experience and credibility. HQ, however, thought otherwise as they believe him too timid for the kind of mission James Bond takes.

Number 2 does not take this decision lightly, especially once he knows who the new Bond will be. However, he views himself as being above letting the bitterness getting in the way of their work. He tries to get along with Bond, but it is not like Bond does not see his jealousy. There is a mistrust between them right from the start.

But no matter how bitter, Number 2 is in fact very loyal to the service. He wouldn’t raised a finger against any agent no matter how infuriating the other might be. He lives to serve a purpose, but not himself. This is one quality Bond does not see until later.

The Bond’s Girl

A Bond movie won’t be a Bond movie if there aren’t pretty girls around, will it?

Bond, despite being rather unlikable as a colleague, can in fact be very charming. Like I said, he wants to excel in everything, that includes manipulation, especially with women. He can put on a facade of a player or a serious lover depends on what the situation calls for. In that sense, he’s rather psychopathic. He never actually cares about any of the women he bedded…aside from one. They don’t actually have a ‘normal’ relationship either.

Bond is very distrustful of people. This breeds paranoia towards anyone trying to get close to him. He is only comfortable if he has full control in his relationship, and you can imagine that it doesn’t work. The only person that has allow him such a control is a blind high-end call girl. Bond has been her client for years before his promotion. He feels safe with her since she does not know his face or his name. She knows right from the start that Underhill is his false name, but she never asks who he really is or what he does he. They talk of other things, mostly intangible ideas since Bond won’t have to tab into his experience for it. They, over time, form a bond and trust that Bond never got from anyone else.

He doesn’t have to feel bad about keeping secrets from her either since she never really told him anything about herself like how she was blinded. She would wear layers of black laces over her eyes (since it matches her hair and clothing) and never take it off even in bed. In a sense, Bond never knows her face either. They both are on equal ground in term of secrecy and promiscuity.

Another upside with her is she’ll always be there when he wants her. He pays support to her and her brothel to have her at beg and call since he never knows when he would have enough time to pay a visit.

What about the story?

Honestly, that’s the part I haven’t think about.

Like I said, I want something as clever as it is cool. No villain who want to conquer the world or hold the world in ransom. No secret baddies organization. I want something more realistic and, if possible, more like a conspiracy theory that can have a ground in reality. So Bond’s mission is not only to beat the bad guys but to put an end to a plot that might otherwise ruins relations between country or starts wars.

The other obstacle to overcome is to fit into the team. Bond had only been working solo most of the time, so he is outside his comfort zone for this one. Not to mention that they don’t actually like him to begin with. They support Number 2 quite a lot and it doesn’t help that Bond always challenges him. At one point in the thick of a chase, Bond accuses Number 2 of betraying the late 007. This is the lowest point in their relationship since Bond has insulted Number 2 most valued virtue: loyalty. They got into a big fight, of course, that end with Number 2, due to his years of experience, is able to kill Bond but doesn’t. He tells Bond that it is not because he doesn’t want to given how infuriating Bond is, but he will not do it because people’s lives would be at stake. Bond learns Number 2’s loyalty that day and learns to trust the man even a little. That is the start of their to-be fruitful friendship.

Learning to trust Number 2 and being allowed into his confidence allows Bond, for the first time in a long while, to connect with another human again. This eases his paranoia (but does not completely cure it) and shows him the possibility of connecting with another important person in his life. After the mission, he takes a break and visits his blind call girl. This time, it is not just to bed her, but for them to have a proper date.

So this Bond movie doesn’t end with an erotic snogging on a tropical beach, but a with them strolling together in a park which she hasn’t done in years. They sit down an a bench close to a pond, and Bond asks to remove her veil (substitute of a lace blindfold for public use). She protests, but he insists that nothing about her can put him off. She finally allows it, but the audience don’t get to see her face. We’ll see Bond smiling endearingly at her and says that she is, in fact, beautiful (add a kiss if you want).

So that’s all the idea I have for my own kind of Bond film. Nothing like a Bond film, I suppose. Sometimes I think of making it another agent altogether but somehow that just feels very wrong. Maybe it’s because I’ve always seen him as James Bond and I modeled him to be James Bond. So, I guess I’m just going to leave it as it is and let you guys, if anyone wishes, take it from here.

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