Shinji Ikari Must Die (But Not for the Reason You’re Probably Thinking)

This post from Vrai is probably one of the most insightful analysis of the psychology and plight of Shinji Ikari, both in NGE series and the Rebuild movies, I have found so far. I haven’t watched the three Rebuild movies yet as I am waiting for the Forth movie to come out before I invest my time, emotion, and energy into analyzing what Hideaki Anno has done. If you know this man and NGE, you’ll know that NOTHING can be taken at face-value, so I want to see the whole thing first before making any conclusion. I’m only sure that it is going to be an emotional and intellectual mind-f like you wouldn’t believe.

But before the day of the apocalypse comes to pass, let’s get into the head of the infamous protagonist.

Fashionable Tinfoil accessories

It would seem that the Rebuild of Evangelion is determined to be a mirror reflection of its parent series. Now, I know what you’re saying. ‘An action packed, visually impressive series that builds up traditional expectations only to blindside the audience three quarters of the way through with depression and subversions? I’m not even sure whether you’re describing Evangelion or Rebuild!’ And after a fashion, you’d be right. Like the Mirror verse Spock, it can be pretty hard to differentiate until you hit upon the obvious beard of thematic difference (and isn’t that a muddled simile). As the lead in might suggest, be aware of spoilers for 3.0 and beyond.


Well, this will be interesting

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