Wisdom from 2016 (Maybe?)

Well, 2016 sure had been one heck of a year. For me, it’s a year that I’ve done a lot of things. Here are 16 things I’ve learned, or things that have solidified, in 2016.
  1.  Your body is not yours to keep. Take care of it or lose it.
    There is a reason Club 27 exists, my friend, and it ain’t sleep, vegetables, or exercise (although excessive exercise can kill you).
  2. You have limited time in this world. Don’t spend it humouring people.
    I’m not saying don’t do it ever, but choose carefully whom you want to humour.
  3. Time is the only thing valuable enough that it’s worth paying for.
    And the only thing without a refund.
  4. There are things in life that don’t need to be complicated. And there are things that necessarily are. Knowing the difference is the challenge.
    Also, things can seem harder in your head than it really is, so talk.
  5. Home is a space you have some control over and some nice people to go with it.
    It can be small, and it’ll still work.
  6. Nothing is really important, so choose for yourself what you want to value.
    Maybe that’s the existentialist and relativist in me, but, really, your life, your choice.
  7. Mistakes are parts of progress. Own up and own it.
    Failing is hard. Being disappointed is hard. But without them, you’ll be going nowhere.
  8. Anger solves nothing. Asking nicely, on the other hand, can get you a lot of things.
    People help you because they like you, not because you intimidate them. Keep your anger to that shooting game.
  9. Be patient. Things move at their own pace, not yours.
    Focusing on working towards your goal, but not too much on when you get there.
  10. It’s okay to reinvent yourself and revamp your goals. It doesn’t mean you were wrong; it just means the situation has changed.
    It will feel like someone in you has died at first, but you’ll find in time that, like all death you will face, you will carry on.
  11. Sleep is invaluable, especially when aging makes it harder to get a good one. So guard your sleep like a dragon guards its gold.
    Honestly, give me back my eight-hour.
  12. Life is a series of accidents. You can prevent some accidents from happening or increase the chances of some, but you don’t control when, whether, or how they are going to happen.
    Just roll with it.
  13. Give people chances. The world runs on random acts of kindness.
    Trust the goodness in people a little bit. Most people will repay you in kind.
  14. Every relationship — friendship, romantic relationship, familial relationship, etc. — all requires a certain level of work from all parties involved.
    So if you’re the only one doing the work, it might be time to back off.
  15. Choose your battle. Not all of them needs to be fought and died for.
    If you fight everyone who disagrees, you will have no energy to do anything productive.
  16. Don’t give advice if you’re not asked. In some cases, when asked, don’t give one anyway.
    Okay, I’m going to shut up now.

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