Photo Essay: Hidden Lives of Bangkok – set 2

This post is a followup of my first photo essay which are a set of photos I took from the old city of Bangkok. This set comes from my second walk on the same project. In this set, I visited places in downtown Bangkok I used to go in my childhood. The great bonuses were actually the small things I found walking from one place to the other. These pictures were taken using Nokia 5000d-2 mobile phone on December 10, 2008. This one concluded in the heart of the shopping district where I remember my first favorite bookstore was. It also houses my current favorites ones.


Photo Essay: Hidden Lives of Bangkok – set 1

So, this is supposed to be a photo essay, but I’m entirely sure what that supposed to mean. I can only warn you that they won’t be pretty, or would it convey something of importance. It’s simply a collection of photos I took around downtown Bangkok for my Project City Walk in which I explored places in the city where I had never been and tried to capture the corner where people rarely looked. While that resulted in a series of essays and a presentation (including a good passing grade for my forth year class), only a handful of photos ended up being used. I recently found the rest of the photos stashed away in a far corner of my external hard drive. Looking at them again, I found that while those essays have their own points to make, these photos have their own stories, too. And they are pretty loud about that, although I’m not entirely sure about what exactly. So here I’m just going to let them tell you.

These pictures were taken using Nokia 5000d-2 mobile phone on November 13, 2008. The walk mainly focused on exploring the old city and me finally seeing what my hometown is made of for the first time.

Easily one of the best thing I’ve ever done.